MDataRx Coordinates research efforts between physicians, compounding pharmacies, and their patients.

Our philosophy is to optimize patient, physician, and practice personnel satisfaction!

MDataRx’s Research & Development team are always conducted with a focus on creating the best possible outcome for the patient.

All research efforts are managed with MDataRx’s proprietary and HIPAA compliant Enterprise Resource Platform to ensure private and secure data warehousing, collaborative research efforts and efficient product development.

We ensure expeditious prescriptions and fulfillment of the recommended compound medications. Minimizing staff overhead and maximizing the odds the patient actually receives and benefits from the doctor's recommended treatment plan.


1. Our MDataRx Practice Support Group works by developing a comprehensive program in conjunction with our pharmacy partners that address any concerns a physician may have that would prevent them from prescribing our compounds.

2. MDataRx e-Script works by automating processes as much as possible to streamline overall workflow and reduce practice overhead.

3. Integrating workflow across practice IT platforms, linking EHR and e-Script is all accomplished with our MDataRx Connect.